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AR500 Level III+ Armor Lightweight 10 x 12 ALSC Flat Base Coat

Flat armor panel, only base coating 

AR500 took the advancements they made in their III+ armor that resulted in a 30% tougher plate, and used the genetics to create a thinner III+ lightweight variant. This lighter steel core option is still multi-hit capable, just like the rest of AR500’s products, while being the lightest III or III+ steel core armor plate on the market. Capable of blocking hits moving at speeds up to 3,000 FPS, or a .308 Win at 2,850 FPS. Not rated for armor piercing rounds like the full weight III+ panels are, this thinner and lighter variant will still effectively protect a wearer against nearly all none-armor-piercing ammunition. AR500 has evolved the world of steel ballistic armor with this highly rated, trim, lightweight, and incredibly tough armor.

Made entirely in Phoenix, AZ


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Condition New
Size 10x12
Color Black
Suggested Use Self Defense

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