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AR500 Level III Armor 9.5 x 13 Backpack Build Up Coat

Flat armor plate, with optional additional build up coat to absorb more fragmentation.

Level III body armor by AR500 has a rigid steel core, and layers of added coating to reduce risk of spalding ricochet and spray from bullet impacts. Designed to take multiple hits from heavy rifle calibers, this armor will stop everything up to a 7.62x51 M80 Ball (.308 Win) moving at 2,780 FPS. It was tested against 6 hits of 7.62x51 from just over 50 feet away for NIJ .06 standards, but will absorb much more damage than that. AR500 level III armor is capable of absorbing even penetrator style rounds like M855, which can defeat other brands’ level III products. This armor is designed to endure anything, day in and day out, to take a beating and keep on protecting its user.

Made entirely in Phoenix, AZ


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Condition New
Size 9.5x13
Color Black
Suggested Use Self Defense

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