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Kimber PepperBlaster II - Red

Kimber has developed the most capable OC (oleoresin capsicum) based personal defense system on the market in the form of the PepperBlaster II. Other more traditional "pepper sprays" can lack range, accuracy, and shelf life, because they are aerosol-based. The Kimber PepperBlaster II does away with the aerosol thanks to advances achieved in conjunction with Swiss engineers that allow a shelf life of up to four years, and real range and accuracy, while also giving the user a vital second "shot" if necessary. The OC blast can reach a distance of 13 feet, with a spread of less than 1 foot at that max range. This valuable range capability keeps an attacker much further away, compared to the short distances that competitor OC sprays would require to be effective. If the first blast misses, the PepperBlaster II is ready to double-tap with a second blast of highly concentrated solution. The capsaicin solution will incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes with a direct face shot.  


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Manufacturer Kimber

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