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Remington Gun Club shotgun loads are an excellent choice for the sporting clay shooter and shotshell reloader, and make use of Remington's Premier STS Primers, and Power Piston One-Piece Wads. The one-piece STS hull provides great value in that it can be reloaded multiple times. Remington's famous shot tower creates the payload of hard Gun Club shot, perfect for smashing clays with consistency. 

  • Remington Gun Club Target Loads 12 Gauge 2.75" 1-7/8 oz 7.5 Shot
  • 25 rounds per box
  • Newly-made, reloadable hulls

Use these 12 gauge 7.5 shot loads to compete or shoot clays casually with friends for practice or for fun! Remington Gun Club loads are consistent and reliable, and create dependable patterns of shot downrange to smash airborne clays at any reasonable range! Order your 12 gauge birdshot loads online here!

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Condition New
Manufacturer Remington
Caliber 12 Gauge
Projectile 7.5 Shot
Length 2.75
Ounces 1-1/8 oz
Shot 7.5 Shot
Casing Brass/Plastic
Muzzle Velocity 1200 fps
Rounds Per Box 25
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Practice, Hunting / Varmint, Competition / Sport

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